Media Buying

Media buying is scary. There are more options to consider every day, and the attention span of the target audience is growing harder to grab. How do you know that your media dollars are being invested as effectively as possible? Easy – work with Wilson Binkley Advertising & Marketing. By practicing the principles of effective media planning every day, the professionals at Wilson Binkley stay up-to-date on the latest media-planning and buying software that verifies standard benchmarks of effectiveness through a wide array of syndicated media data. Knowledge of markets, programming, inventory, competitive Cost-Per-Point (CPP) for specific demographics, day parts, and quarters allows Wilson Binkley to negotiate for the best media against your target demographic.

How do you know it works? Wilson Binkley audits all media invoices and performs post-buy analyses, and produces performance reports based on client-approved criteria. It’s not magic – it’s science!

Graphic DESIGN

Wizards know that successful potions come from using the correct ingredients. That’s why Wilson Binkley Advertising & Marketing has assembled a crackerjack staff of professionally trained and experienced graphic designers, trained in the art of delivering marketing messages in creative, compelling layouts. Wilson Binkley has a full-time art department equipped with four workstations running the most current, industry-standard software. Behind those workstations, magicians apply their talents to a limitless range of client materials: direct mail pieces, corporate branding packages, display graphics, packaging, print ads, billboards – you name it, Wilson Binkley can design it! Why settle for advertising that looks exactly like the “other guys” when you can have attention-getting, striking, and national-quality design from a staff of qualified professionals?


Wilson Binkley has the experience and resources necessary to make a spot that stands out from the rest! We have a long history of producing award-winning radio, television, long-form video and pod casts for our clients. With our in-house video production department, you have the ability to turn projects quickly, professionally and affordably. Make your message sizzle with a depth of vocal talent for radio spots or TV voice-overs. Only studios using digital recording, mixing and delivery methods are used to assure the highest sound quality possible. Wilson Binkley is well versed in all types of video production, whether the project is shot on tape or film. From camera work to editing, all production can be done in-house to assure professional results to meet your budget. For specialized production services, Wilson Binkley is able to arrange national-level animators, actors and camera crews. Wilson Binkley delivers outstanding production value to meet your budget and your expectations.

Digital Services

SEO | SEM | Website Design & Development | Social Media Services | reputation Management | App Development

Technology conspires to introduce new methods to reach customers every day, and who can keep up? What works and what doesn't? Social media, Google advertising, web ads, digital ad retargeting… is it black magic? As digital media continues to evolve, it often challenges traditional media and, in some cases, to outperform it. Wilson Binkley Advertising & Marketing stays on top of the latest techniques and digital advertising opportunities.

Starting with an effective, intuitive web site design that works on desktops or mobile devices, a client’s digital campaign can incorporate Google ad retargeting strategies to serve up localized messages on national websites. As a Google Certified Ad Partner, Wilson Binkley has exclusive access to services and tools from Google, including Google AdWords.

The social media department at Wilson Binkley helps identify and target your audience by developing a strategic approach using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or other relevant platforms. Organic content is augmented with paid content, with a management strategy that includes around-the-clock oversight.

Direct Mail

Does direct mail work in today’s media world? In short, yes, but it depends on the quality of your direct mail service provider. Wilson Binkley Advertising & Marketing has a complete in-house direct mail division that can provide mailing list acquisition services to hyper-target who you want to get your message. Using a state-of-the-art digital printer and USPS-compliant software, Wilson Binkley can handle direct mail campaigns from design and in-house printing to delivery at the post office. Direct mail provides an amazing amount of flexibility and control, and gets delivered to your target audience, from quantities of 200 to 100,000!

Public Relations

Do you need to get your story to the public, or need help working with the press? Developing and establishing a public relations strategy is a critical endeavor, and you can trust the professionals at Wilson Binkley. We handle all manner of public relations, applying a full range media experience and relationships, talented public speakers, and professional communications, assuring the best possibility of a successful public relations campaign. Wilson Binkley has extensive experience from the local and regional level up to the state and international level. Well-versed in governmental relations, media services, special events planning, press releases and conferences, Wilson Binkley can help your company execute a positive public relations campaign with solid communication strategies and media know-how.

Market Research

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a magic wand you could wave and do all your media research for you? Abracadabra – you do now! Wilson Binkley Advertising & Marketing lays the groundwork for a successful advertising campaign by conduct market research for your specific needs.

• Syndicated Research/Media Data

• Nielsen Viewers in Profile Reports-TV ratings by market and demographics

• Nielsen Cable Reports-Cable TV ratings by market and demographics

• Arbitron-Radio ratings by market and demographics

• Scarborough-Demographic, lifestyle and qualitative media-usage data

• Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS)-Rates and data for all major print and broadcast media, out-of-home, business-to-business, international media, etc.

• Simmons Market Research Bureau (SMRB)- Media and marketing research of syndicated data on audience size, composition and turnover for print, and also broad measures of broadcast exposure.

• Media Market Guide-Average costs by market and demographics for TV, cable, radio, magazine, newspaper and outdoor.

Whether primary research or secondary, having solid information to base your media and creative campaign on improves the effectiveness of your advertising budget!

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